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The increasing ubiquity of computer networks in daily life has only heightened the importance of
good network security. The hacking of corporate networks of the past few years and the theft of
not just corporate assets but also of customer information, shows that network security is no
longer just a government matter but one for businesses as well.

In an effort to improve security posture, companies sometimes take the proactive approach of
hiring tiger teams to hack their corporate infrastructure. These so-called whitehat hackers
attempt to identify and exploit vulnerabilities so that proper mitigations can be implemented to
reduce operational risk.

Unfortunately, human-based approaches are prone to limitations when it comes to consistency,
frequency, the overall engagement scope and the skills necessary to complete the engagement.
These limitations found in human-based testing is what prevents organizations from continuously
benefiting from blackbox testing


Focused strictly on the offensive threat, AI driven Pentesting Platform as a service is the
first of it's kind. It's distributed network is built to act and think like an advanced persistent threat
to deliver the most accurate real-world attack outside of manual testing in the market. Tanuki's
attack has the capability of not only a vulnerability assessment but can perform and deliver ethical
exploits without any disruption to your network operation. All while creating a dynamic report with
detailed remediations. A complete pentest on demand vs expensive scheduled quarterly/monthly
or yearly tests.


Frequency of Testing
SaaS platform allows for testing daily, weekly or whenever you make a change to your network.
Changes to your environment are inevitable - whats there tomorrow may not be there today.
Tanuki allows you to continuously strengthen your cyber security posture. You never let your
guard down.

Cost of Testing
SaaS delivery takes cost out of the decision.
The cost of pentesting your environment consistently is prohibitive to the
enterprise and unattainable for the mid-market firms. For a low monthly
cost you can now test your network whenever you should without incurring
extra cost to your budget

Advanced Tactics
Stay ahead of the latest hacking techniques.
With Tanuki able to autonomously handle all testing requirements of our
client base and capable of self-learning, TeamEzo's group of advanced
pentesters focus purely on new techniques, research and development. This
allows Tanuki to stay competitive with the new strategies and tactics implemented
by APT groups and blackhats. We believe if a strategy or tactic is in a text book or in
the news, then its too late.

Consistency of Results
Keep all your infrastructure hardened to the same standard.
Due to the rapid growth of the industry there are varying expertise and methodologies from one
firm to the next. Tanuki has no bias and no preference, it learns what to look for and focuses its
attack on all possible vectors at once within your entire network. With continual updates to the changing
techniques in the marketplace Tanuki keeps you one step ahead of malicious hacker

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