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Eos Systems is a leading Technology Solutions Provider with a staff of highly skilled professionals. Eos Systems provides consulting and solutions for clients in information-intensive fields, including: banking, law, education, manufacturing, healthcare and government.

The guiding principle at Eos Systems is to align technology with business process in order to gain greater efficiency and productivity. Services include assessing a client's strategic needs, providing specific recommendations, creating customized solutions that consist of multi-vendor products and offering on-going service and technical support.


Skills and experience to benefit you:


  • Major vendor certifications: Microsoft, NetIQ, Novell, Citrix, Sophos, HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, VMware, Symantec, GWAVA, Stealthbits, McAfee, Lenovo, Kaspersky and 3Com.

  • Eos Systems Consultants have been designing, installing, supporting and upgrading networks since they were first available to the general business community.

  • Eos Systems Consultants have extensive experience implementing and maintaining all the Novell technologies, which include OES, Linux, GroupWise, Teaming+Conferencing, ZCM, Endpoint, Sentinel, and Identity Management.

  • Eos Systems holds certifications that attest to the broad knowledge base we offer our clients; our best efforts go into being your most reliable partner.


Eos Systems has a strategically-connected network of engineers and consultants throughout The United States.


Headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. Western United States operations are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Eos Systems – Aligning Technology with Business Process