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Virtualization is the science of hosting multiple Operating Systems, desktops and applications on a single hardware platform. The simple and clear end-results of virtualization are improved efficiency, security and control. End-users have less down time for maintenance; IT Staff is better able to respond to changing service demands; and there are notable energy savings.


Some of the benefits of virtualization are:


  • Ease of management – Managing virtualized servers is easier than managing physical servers. For example, to perform a hardware upgrade on a physical server requires more downtime to power off the server, install the hardware, verify the change and re-power the server. An upgrade on a virtualized server can be done with the click of several buttons and can often be done without stopping and starting the virtual server. Additionally, managing virtual machines is done via software, thereby reducing the time needed for deployment.

  • Better utilization of servers – How many physical servers in organizations only have 10-15% CPU utilization, or only use 30% of the available memory? With virtualization organizations can allocate only what is needed for a particular server, thus doing more with less, and allowing for server consolidation.

  • Energy and space savings – Today, more than ever, we are all interested in saving energy. Saving energy is not only good for the budget, but it is also good for the environment. Virtualization allows for optimum utilization of servers, which reduces energy costs and waste.

  • Software Testing – Virtualization allows organizations to quickly and easily stand-up test servers either on the network, or isolated from the network. This permits testing the latest changes or newest software without making a large hardware commitment.

  • Maintain legacy applications – In a virtualized setting, organizations can dedicate a virtual machine to run an old operating system.


Increase business continuity by means of improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the datacenter. Let the highly experienced virtualization engineers at Eos Systems help you attain real benefits from virtualization.


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