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EOS Systems – vCIO Advisory Services

Over the past 30 years, as more businesses began to leverage complex and integrated technology solutions at the very core of the services they offer, the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO), the individual who ties business objectives, IT capabilities into a strategic vision has become a critical executive position.

Today, the landscape of IT services business depends on continuing to evolve and expand, Small and Medium-size businesses struggle to keep pace and plan for a future the benefits from new and unique technology offerings and internal efficiencies to enhance their competitive advantage.

As a trusted partner, EOS provides insight and guidance already informally to our clients; in fact, EOS  already plays a strategic role in improving our clients' IT efficiency, saving them money and increasing their revenues. We see our vCIO Advisory Services as complimentary, offering a higher level of truly strategic CIO advice and guidance.

Our clients benefit from a more consistently innovative approach to IT that a vCIO can deliver. With our vCIO Advisory Services, our clients only pay for what the services they need — which can be very attractive to SMBs who cannot afford to bring on an expensive CIO full time.

Our vCIOs,  just like a traditional CIO, are not just technologists but seasoned business experts, with real-world C-level experience who understand how to apply technology to support our client's business goals.

David Russo, EOS's (Title?),  describes the primary responsibility of a vCIO as "Aligning a client's business objectives with their existing IT capability, analyzing how processes are handled, to formulate a strategic IT plan, that facilitates the right changes in technology. Just like our clients might rely on outside legal counsel for strategic legal advice, our vCIOs should be our client's go-to technical contact as well as a trusted business partner who understands how technology fulfills their company's unique needs."

EOS's vCIO Advisory Service Offering

Continually accessing our client's IT Capabilities

Periodically, review the IT infrastructure state to understand effectiveness towards people, process, and technology. This process includes reviewing:

  • Application Infrastructure functions/services

  • IT Services and operations

  • In house capabilities/staff skillsets

  • IT Risk Management/Security


Develop and maintain an Integrated IT Strategy

Working with our clients, develop a comprehensive IT program, strategies, and roadmaps based on business and organizational objectives such as:

  • In-sourcing/outsourcing strategy

  • IT operational support practices

  • Cloud adoption/readiness

  • Open source toolsets

  • IT service chargeback

  • IT Governance and Refining

  • Security/Regulatory compliance remediation

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