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Eos Systems are your experts in Messaging Solutions

Stability and security in a messaging system is imperative. Eos Systems has the experience and expertise to help lead you through any Messaging project. Our services include assessing a client's messaging needs, designing customized solutions, implementation, migration, training, as well as ongoing high-level technical support. 

Email Platforms


• Microsoft Exchange
• Novell GroupWise
• Lotus Notes
• Google
• Open Xchange


Policy Enforcement & Surveillance

Administrators are empowered with the tools they need to create and enforce email policy and surveillance. There is the ability to search email based upon its characteristics (user address, specific words, specific attachments, etc), as well as scan specific end-user email or whole message stores, detecting improper use of email. 


Archive and Backup

Allow your company to capture and retain email based upon its characteristics, and protect and recover vital information in Exchange. Restore single messages, recover deleted mail and improve the reliability and speed of backup and restore procedures. Eos Systems will help your company achieve compliance or fulfill regulatory requirements. 



Today's viruses move fast and can sneak in through email attachments, web downloads, free email accounts and instant messages. These methods are used as backdoors to your email system. Tight integration with leading anti-virus solutions detects and eliminates viruses that could hinder productivity and impair business operations. Anti-spam technology is available to combat the evolving techniques of spammers and adjusts to the unique needs of your email system. 


Disaster Recovery & Redundancy

Fault-tolerant solutions are required to ensure high availability. Implementing a redundant system is fundamental in protecting yourself from failure and recovering quickly from disaster situations. 


Reporting Tools

It is important to know what is happening inside your system. How much email are you processing? Are there any anomalies within the system? What percentage of your email is spam? How many viruses have you stopped? Advanced reporting and logging allows you to know what is happening within your system. 


Remote/Mobile Device Access

As enterprise workers become increasingly mobile, real-time access to email is critical. A continuous, two-way, real-time solution ensures any changes made on the mobile device are synchronized with the server in real-time. 


Auditing and Monitoring

Active auditing and monitoring functions provide versatile capabilities for managing email. Health and integrity are ensured, as early detection stops and facilitates recovery quickly, without data corruption.


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