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Identity Management


Identity Management allows organizations to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all resources both within and beyond the firewall. Applications can now be deployed faster, while applying the most granular protection to resources and automatically eliminating latent access privileges. Our solutions include single sign-on, user provisioning, role-based provisioning, access management and storage management.

Single Sign-On


One access password per user is the best sign-on security. Using single sign-on will reduce the number of password related helpdesk calls, improve the end-user experience and improve network security.


A functional single sign-on solution will reduce costs and offer broad support for applications, including: Windows-based applications, web-based applications, Terminal Services/Citrix, terminal emulators and Java applications. This allows you to leverage your existing system and hardware investments, while improving your end-user’s experience and accelerating their access to applications and data.

User Provisioning


Get new employees immediate access to work by provisioning new employees with what they need. Replace the manual and tedious procedures with an automated user provisioning process that will get your new employees working quickly.


  • Automate user provisioning during the full user lifecycle

  • Give new employees access on their first day

  • Add and remove access to all systems as needed

  • Revoke access to your systems when employees leave

  • Automated user provisioning allows you to control user administration costs, remove tedious manual processes and enforce the company security policies. Additionally, all user provisioning actions can be tracked for auditing purposes. 


Access Management

Enable your IT personnel by giving them the tools they need to readily establish secure, hassle-free access to Web-based and corporate server-based applications. Give your company greater accessibility while minimizing the vulnerability. Access is granted based on users’ roles within the organization, or their relationship to it. The ease of Access Management administration is a value-added resource.


Role-Based Provisioning

Assign system access and resources to your users based on their business roles and your company’s business policies. New users are assigned access to the systems and resources they need on day one. As a user’s roles changes, access to systems and resources are updated automatically, in real time. When a user leaves, access to systems and resources are revoked automatically, in real time. Role-based provisioning allows companies to remove security vulnerabilities and maintain visibility on system and resources access.


Storage Management

Get control of your data storage with identity-driven, policy-based data storage management. Automation of the full lifecycle of user and group storage is now possible. Event and identity-driven policies allows for automatic:


  • Provisioning user and group storage

  • Granting file system rights

  • Granting storage quotas

  • Managing user home directory renames

  • Removing prohibited file types

  • Transferring network storage when a user transfers to another department or site

  • Automating storage disposal

  • Archiving

  • Transfer of storage ownership

  • Automation of storage-related tasks can save a substantial amount of money over time by eliminating the manual storage provisioning process.

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