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Endpoint Security to keep your network functioning and protect your data


What is an Endpoint?


An endpoint is essentially any computer, PDA, printer, or device that acts as a network client. An endpoint is also any device that can be used to copy and manually move data such as a USB Drive, DVD, iPods and media players.


What is Endpoint Security?


Endpoint Security is securing and protecting the endpoints. Endpoint security means controlling access to the endpoint devices, so that unwanted and/or unauthorized activities do not occur at the endpoint. Additionally, endpoint security protects the endpoint from unwanted or unauthorized activities within the network. This includes data theft by malicious hackers and employees.


Why is Endpoint Security important?


With the always increasing threat of viruses, data loss due to theft, loss of devices, distributed denial of service attacks, spyware, botnets and perpetrators, securing the endpoint to prevent damage to enterprise data, services, or company reputation is more important than ever.


What solutions comprise Endpoint Security?


  • Encryption

  • Patch Management

  • Client Remote Access (VPN)

  • Anti-Virus

  • Spyware protection

  • Anti-Spam protection


Eos Systems has certified engineers with years of valuable experience in protecting and securing endpoints. 

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