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Business Continuity

Our business continuity solution is designed to quickly revive your network and have your employees productive again in almost no time. It operates automatically to back up your vital data as frequently as every 15 minutes. If there’s a problem, files can be restored as needed or the system can take over as a virtual server to resume operations until bigger issues with your network can be resolved. In a worse-case disaster scenario, remote server backup is also available to keep your files and data safe and secure.


Backs Up Data Every 15 Minutes, Every Day

Not even the most conscientious users save their work as consistently and thoroughly as our business continuity solution.


Gets You Back to Business — Fast!

Servers crash, networks fail … it’s going to happen. But with our virtual server engaged and deployed, we’ll have your systems up and running again in mere minutes.


Complies with Laws and Government Regulations

Violating government rules for protecting sensitive records at the federal level (such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley) as well as state or local jurisdictions can bring severe consequences. Our business continuity solution goes a long way toward helping you maintain compliance.


Recovers Vital Email

Everyone’s done it — deleted or lost an email containing critical information. Take advantage of our email recovery feature for Microsoft Exchange Servers and recover that important message from days or even months ago.


Provides Remote Monitoring and Management

It’s true; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. RMM service is included with our business continuity solution so small issues don’t become big problems.


Keeps Data Safe When Major Disaster Strikes

Fire, flood, earthquake ... devastating damage to your physical location is always possible. But if the worst happens, our remote SOC1, SOC2, SSAE-16 and HIPAA-compliant data centers will have your data and records safely housed so you can resume operations.


Did You Know?

  • Within a 12-month period, the typical SMB will suffer six computer outages.

  • The median cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day after a data-loss disaster.

  • Only 23% of businesses backup daily, and among those with disaster preparedness plans, 50% only implemented a plan following a network outage or data loss.

  • If a small business can’t resume operations within 10 days following a natural disaster, it probably won’t survive.


Full-Service IT Provider

Our Managed IT Services cover a full spectrum of technology solutions, including remote monitoring and management of your networks and 365/24/7 service desk support for users. Eos System's engineers have over 15 years of disaster recovery experience. We cover everything from systems backup and offsite information storage to complete hot site recovery. Our experience with a wide range of vendors and technologies will enable your organization to incorporate industry proven methodologies. Eos Systems can also incorporate disaster recovery services into a comprehensive regional service and support plan that includes hardware and software.

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